Terms & Privacy Policy


1. General
● The default minimum payment amount is 10 Rupee.
● Those who have deposited funds with ATM must cover the deduction, they will have a balance equal to the fee transferred to our account.
● Starsmmpanels.com may change service prices at any time without prior notice. The Payment / Refund policy remains constant.

● Starsmmpanels.com does not guarantee the delivery time for any service. The starting times written in the services are the closest estimates we have stated.

● For 1 Link, only 1 order can be entered at the same time, when 2 orders are entered at the same time, there may be incomplete shipments, Starsmmpanels.com is not responsible.

● Starsmmpanels.com does not accept any liability for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any service it offers, in possible cases such as suspension or closure of the account with which the transaction is made.

● The limit given to each service is the limit given per account. An account using a max 3k limited service cannot shoot 4k.

● The prices indicated against the products are 1,000 (1K) fees.

● When you place an order, if there is information under the product, it means that you have read and accepted the information. The return regarding this situation is left to the initiative of the administrator.

● All services you receive from Starsmmpanels.com are billed on your behalf.

2. Service

● Starsmmpanels.com will only be used to help increase "View" for Instagram / Twitter / Facebook or any other Social Media account.

● Starsmmpanels.com does not guarantee new followers and interaction, only the amount received by payment.

● We are working to convert all bot accounts to real view, but we do not guarantee that our accounts will be 100% profile pictures, bio and shared accounts.

● When transactions are made to confidential accounts, the responsibility belongs to the member. Before ordering, please make sure the account is public.

Privacy Policy


Return Policy

● Refunds are not possible for payments made, it must be used in Starsmmpanels.com services.

● Instagram / Twitter / Facebook etc. We do not know when the services will be able to update, in case of a decrease, no refund can be made unless the service provider makes compensation.

● Your cancellation / refund request will not be accepted after the orders are entered into the system. The system will automatically issue a refund if the order is not / partially completed.

● Starsmmpanels.com reserves the right to suspend the member in the event of any chargeback or withdrawal of the payments made.

● Unauthorized transaction or stolen credit card, member account will be closed without exception in any fraudulent activity.

Privacy Policy

● This policy covers how your personal information will be used. Your privacy is important to us and every precaution is taken to protect it.

● All information entered into the system is hosted on encrypted and secure servers.

● Your information is not shared with third parties in any way.

● Information about the campaigns by the company can be sent by SMS.